Do you have a film or TV idea? Perhaps a script in a drawer or a concept you'd love to pitch but don't know where to start?


Turbo-charge your route into the industry with our exclusive one-on-one industry intorduction. Starting with an introduction in our cosy private cinema followed by studio tour, you will then have one full hour one-on-one (or accompanied by a friend or family member if you prefer), with Film and TV Producer and Director and Studio Boss Charlotte Fantelli - in which you can ask questions, pitch your ideas for instant honest feedback, use the hour as your springboard to success.



One-on-One Film Production Opportunity

  • An introduction to our TV and film studios with guided tour, followed by a one hour one-on-one industry discussion with Branded Studios owner; film and TV Producer and Director Charlotte Fantelli -,

    We have sold content in nearly every country on the planet and are current suppliers to ITV, BBC and Netflix among many others. We have worked with many ambitiousfilmmakers and have helped secure industry funding, platforms, channels and deals. We do not make any promises as to our ability to produce, fund or sell your idea, we will however give you great insight into the industry and where possible help steer you on the path of success. We reserve the right to offer our own services to aid you, but there is no obligation to work with us further.